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How Much Space Do You Need?            

The primary factor in determining how much space you will need to house your business is the number of people that will occupy the space. Using the table below, determine the type of space that best suits the organizational role of the person that you are placing or the function that you are trying to facilitate.

The general rule of thumb is to allow 175 to 250 usable square feet per person depending upon the type and style of the business. This figure can vary based upon special needs such as extra-large conference rooms or storage requirements, but will include normal amenities within a general use office.

The following standards can be used to help estimate the amount of usable space required for your business:

Typical President's office or Chairman of the Board
250 to 400 sq. ft. (4 to 5 windows in length)

Typical Vice-President' s Office
150 to 250 sq. Ft. (3 to 4 windows in length)

Typical Executive' s Office
100 to 150 sq. Ft. (2 widows in length)
Partitioned Open Space
Clerical Supervisor or Manager
80 to 110 sq. Ft.
Open Space
Clerical or Secretary
60 to 110 sq. Ft.
Conference Rooms
15 sq. Ft. per person: theater style
25 to 30 sq. Ft. per person: conference seating
Mail Room
8 to 9 ft. wide with 30" counters on either side.
Length depends upon amount of usage
Reception Area
125 to 200 sq. Ft. Receptionist and 2 - 4 people
200 to 300 sq. Ft. Receptionist and 6 - 8 people
File Room
7 sq. Ft. per file with a 3' to 4' aisle width
20% to 30% of the total usable area
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